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Short history of the institution Alliance Française

Alliance Française was born in July 1883. It was initiated by Paul Cambon – future ambassador in Madrid, London and Constantinople – and Pierre Foncin – a geographer passionate about international exchanges. It was officially recognised as a non-profit organisation as early as 1886.

Other well known personalities took part in this cultural project, for example famous scientist Louis Pasteur.

In 2005, the Alliance Française was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for outstanding achievements in communication and the humanities.

Did you know…?

Famous writer Jules Verne opened the Alliance Française of Amiens in the 1880s.

Ferdinand de Lesseps – the developer of Suez Canal – became president of the Alliance Française in 1887.


Many celebrities attended lectures at the Alliance Française of Paris: top model Claudia Schiffer, fashion designer Kenzo…

Bibliography: Alliance Française – 130 ans. Paris: Nouvelles Éditions de l’Université, 2013, 157p.

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