ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DE LIMERICK LTD is a registered charity, regulated by The Charities Regulator under CHY number 20037222.

It was established in 1944 to promote the propagation of the French language and French culture in the city and county of Limerick; Its principal activities are the teaching of French to adults and children and organising cultural events.

ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DE LIMERICK LTD is governed by a Board of Directors whose principal responsibilities are the setting and monitoring of the strategic direction of the organisation, monitoring compliance, ensuring the efficient an2 effective use of resources and the establishment of policy.

The Board of Directors consisting of up to 8 members. Directors serve a maximum of three, three-year terms. This is to ensure skills and ideas are regularly refreshed. No remuneration is paid to Directors for their services on the Board. Directly incurred expenses are reimbursed if claimed. The Directors have each declared that there are no conflicts of interest with regards to their involvement as trustees of ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DE LIMERICK LTD.

Board Members

Eileen O’Connor (Chairperson)

Dorothy Maher

Maria Hensey

Catherine Chamberlain

Claire Marty Crowe

Dawn Hackett

Kate Fleming