The movie for our monthly Ciné-Club is “Un Divan à Tunis”/ “Arab Blues”.

Join us on Wednesday 1st December from 8 pm at The Commercial, 46-47 Catherine Street, Limerick, to watch this delightful comedy about a young psychologist who, after years abroad in Paris, returns to Tunis with the dream of opening up her own psychotherapy practice.

Tickets: €5 at the door.

Watch the trailer here:[0]=AZU75jNLQw_nEr21zRDEFX_h2pulOsBs0lLw0rHYNsEs26flB3UXjYd1tCefi5BZuOLMo13_On73E8MCpSk_JTkHxXfjuz3mYIoK7HtYo90MjTdd-fyqH6Qv_5CJPYEqJWRZyjtjU3v8v1gZKzjJQ5jP-H5ThZSkDwLOrW95rAB6OhLN8OaXZiRt7e3qTCTOGhk&__tn__=-UK-R