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Testimonial from a former student, who just got her LC Results

To all at the Alliance,

I just wanted to write to you to express my utmost thanks and gratitude. I started with ye last September having just completed my Leaving Cert in 2017  but having studied Spanish. I wanted to study French at college and for that I needed a H3 in Leaving Cert. I knew this would be a difficult task but from my very first lesson with Nathalie I realised it would be possible because of the wonderful teaching I received. Nathalie is a first class teacher who leaves absolutely no stone unturned with her students. She pushes you when you need it and it is because of her I achieved a H1 in my Leaving Cert French exam this year, having gone from not having a word of French. This was a great achievement for me and I was absolutely delighted. I always really enjoyed coming into the Alliance for my lessons as it is a welcoming place and always left knowing a lot more than I did arriving.  I just wanted to thank Nathalie for all she did for me this year, she was very accommodating with my work schedule and was so thorough in all aspects of teaching.


Nora MacNamee


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